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MTI Film is set to unveil groundbreaking advancements at NAB 2024 with the launch of Cortex v6.0 and MTai FrameGen for DRS™Nova. Our MTai framework integrated into Cortex offers a suite of tools automating project management, dailies, and quality control, enhancing post-production efficiency. Key features include MTai Prompt Interface for simplified workflow management and MTai Watch Folder Management for fully automated processes. Additionally, MTai FrameGen for DRS Nova utilizes generative AI to restore missing frames, complementing existing DRS™Nova tools for unparalleled precision and quality in image-based cleanup tasks. This launch promises to redefine standards in post-production workflows and restoration projects.

Our Software

MTI Film produces world class software applications, Cortex and DRS™Nova, that are used worldwide for production, post production, film restoration and remastering.

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From Set to Screen

MTI Film unveils Cortex v6.0, revolutionizing workflows from onset to final packaging with transformative AI technology powered by the MTai framework. The Cortex product family, renowned for its Dailies application, IMF and DCP packaging solutions, QC modules, and UpRes capabilities, now integrates utility AI for unified and streamlined processes providing Automation Intelligence. Alongside, Cortex v5.6 debuts with enhanced Watch Folder automation, and support for latest delivery formats, including support for Dolby Vision 5.0, reinforcing MTI Film’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in post-production. This launch marks a significant milestone in advancing industry standards for comprehensive post-production solutions.

Cortex runs on Windows 10 or 11 and utilizes one or more NVidia GPUs.

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Digital Restoration

MTI Film introduces DRS™Nova v6.0, the premier industry-standard software for digital film restoration, now featuring MTai FrameGen. With 30 years of refinement, DRS™Nova offers a comprehensive suite of automated and manual tools tailored to restoration artists’ needs. MTai FrameGen utilizes generative AI to fill missing frames, surpassing traditional cleanup tools. Combined with DRS™Nova’s existing features like Paint, Dewarping, and Deflicker, this integration empowers artists with unparalleled precision and quality in restoration projects. MTI Film continues to lead the field by marrying cutting-edge technology with intuitive, efficient restoration solutions.

DRS™NOVA runs on Windows 10 or 11.

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