MTI Film to Introduce CORTEX v5.6 at NAB Show 2024 (Booth SL9136)

The company will also offer a sneak peak at transformative, AI-enhanced Cortex v6.0

HOLLYWOOD—April 2, 2024— MTI Film, a leading innovator in post-production software, will preview CORTEX v6.0, a major new release of its industry-standard workflow management platform, at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas. CORTEX v6.0 will introduce transformative artificial intelligence technology, based on the company’s MTai framework, that will unify, automate and streamline workflows from on-set to final packaging.

Cortex v 6.0 MTai prompt bar

Additionally, MTI Film will demonstrate the newly available CORTEX v5.6 with significant improvements and features, including streamlined automation, enhanced QC and gamut analysis reporting, and extended support for the latest delivery formats.

“We are excited to share a sneak peek at CORTEX v6.0, which harnesses the tremendous potential of our MTai framework,” says Brian Gaffney, VP of Product. “This product represents a leap forward in workflow management across the production and post-production cycle.”

“We are also looking forward to the launch of CORTEX v5.6 which includes many new features requested by our customers to help them perform daily tasks more efficiently and deliver multiple projects simultaneously,” Gaffney adds.

Visit MTI Film at SL9136.

About CORTEX v6.0

MTI Film’s MTai framework is a system of robust tools for automating project management, dailies, quality control, content packaging and other critical post-production tasks. CORTEX V6.0 will incorporate several automation advancements including MTai Prompt Interface, which will make workflow management simpler and more intuitive, and MTai Watch Folder Management, which will facilitate fully automated workflows.

CORTEX v5.6 new and improved features:

  • Watch Folders for Streamlined Automation: Trigger Quality Control (QC) analysis and renders effortlessly using watch folders, reducing manual intervention and accelerating the post-production process.
  • New Gamut Analysis Reports: Enhanced tools for analyzing color gamut ensure precise color management and consistency across the production pipeline.
  • Detailed QC Reporting with Thumbnails: Thumbnails are now included in detailed QC reports, providing visual references for easier identification and troubleshooting of issues.
  • Seamless Import and Export of QC Comments and Markers: Integration with the CORTEX Quality Assurance (QA) module allows for seamless import and export of QC comments and markers, facilitating collaboration and enhancing reporting capabilities.
  • Improved Dolby Vision XML File Export: The exported Dolby Vision XML file now includes target displays from all events, ensuring optimal compatibility and accuracy in Dolby Vision workflows.
  • Full Compatibility with Latest Dolby Atmos Specifications: CORTEX V5.6 offers full compatibility with the latest Dolby Atmos specifications, enabling seamless integration of immersive audio technologies.
  • Automated IMF Validation: IMF packages are automatically imported and validated after creation, simplifying the delivery of compliant content for distribution.
  • Expanded DCP Agency Ratings and Render Mode Selection: Enhanced support for Digital Cinema Package (DCP) agency ratings and render mode selection provides greater flexibility and control over output formats.

For further details about MTai and MTI FILM’s innovative solutions, contact us.